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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and she made it three times in a row. now the bad. weight watchers launching a weight-loss apps for kids. it will let kids ages 8 to 17 track what they eat and physical activity. the ugly. fall is coming and diving into that crazy. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," "fox and friends first" continues. >> nothing short of astounding in such a confined space. >> a fox news alert, suspect in
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custody, and hours long standoff, 6 officers injured, two free from a hostage situation. jillian: everyone got out alive in philadelphia. >> the autopsy is out the final cause of death for jeffrey epstein. what his final words were and what has conflicted me. demanding big tech bosses cut all ties with ice. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: news moments ago the suspect in the philadelphia police standoff walking out of the hospital in handcuffs. jillian: surrender after eight hours overnight, six police officers hurt trying to arrest him. "fox and friends first" cohosts from the scene of the standoff
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with more on the suspect's identity. >> reporter: good morning. we want to take you to more of the video, that alleged suspect coming out of the house with his hands in the air, 8 to 9 hours after this all started. this person is identified as maurice hill identified by an attorney who is part of a 4-person negotiation team to get him to surrender. before they knew each other, they had a relationship. once he realized who this suspect was he had to get involved. right before this happened i want to show you video that shows police firing tear gas into this house. and this suspect came out with his hands in the air. this was unfolding before midnight last night.
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this happened at 4:30 yesterday when this all began. narcotics officers serving a warrant, that man inside the house, listen to this desperate dispatch call. >> shots fired. longer guns. >> you can hear the tense moments and desperation and it was all hands on deck. we are told all officers, hundreds from the city of philadelphia were on hand, 6 officers were shot throughout the day. two officers and three other people were barricaded, trapped in the house as this alleged gunman continued to fire. he was firing outside the house. look at the video of officers as they were taken in and out of the hospital. a police captain told me there was so much smoke from the
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gunbattle officers trapped inside cannot see anything at some point in time. they were all brought out of the house unharmed 5 hours later. mayor jim kinney of philadelphia says their focus was on the injured. >> our concern is for them and their families. once the scene has been resolved. >> there's a lot to sort out. it is still a very active scene. there are blocks that continue to be closed off at this point. is this is happening during the 8 or 9 our period temple university was on lockdown in two day care centers with young children inside, talking extremely young babies, they were on lockdown, one of the day care centers across the street
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from the house and you have to imagine parents worried about their kids. police were able to help and get all those kids out of day care and get them to safety. that is one piece of good news. the other piece of good news is all the police officers who were injured have been released. we have covered these stories. he covered police shootings and two officers who died in shootings two miles away from here. it put it in perspective that all of those officers had their lives this morning, no loss of life so it was a miracle and people are feeling that this morning. >> a lot of heroes in philadelphia making sure everyone stays safe, really scary few hours. carley: new questions about jeffrey epstein's death as an
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autopsy shows he has broken bones in his neck. rob: that specific injuries seen in people who have been strangled. griff jenkins joins us from washington with more on the report and a new lawsuit from one of his alleged victims. big morning. >> reporter: under new york's child victims act the attorney for allegedly victim took action following a civil suit against not only jeffrey epstein, but in his circle like e ln. maxwell. >> wasn't just jeffrey epstein that victimized her. there was a network that heard her remark and statement that permitted this to occur. >> reporter: maxwell has not been criminally charged. >> very forcefully brought me to the table.
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i looked really scared. >> he knew what he was doing. and i don't think cared. >> reporter: and a report in the washington post. and around them was raising questions about his cause of death according to the president of the national association of medical examiners who said, quote, if the bone is broken that would raise questions about strangulation but it is not definitive. it does not exclude suicidal hanging. the medical examiner's office is not commenting, cause of death is pending. this too, the new york post reported epstein was in good pass spirits the day before that claiming his last words where i will see you sunday. i think it is safe to say a lot more coming in this unbelievable
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story. rob: a lot of theories swirling around now. the governor of texas forming a domestic terrorism task force in light of the deadly shooting in el paso. governor greg abbott called the mission to, quote, root out the extremist ideologies the fuel hatred and violence in our state. the unit made of state and federal officials to analyze potential threats to form an appropriate response. jillian: show no signs of stopping today. donald trump weighing in on the conflict tweeting i know president buttigieg of china very well, he's a great leader who has the respect of his people. he is also a good man and a tough business. i have 0 -- president xi wants to solve the problem, a personal meeting. the state department has issued a travel warning to hong kong. protesters would extradite criminals to mainland china.
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rob: 13 states suing the trump administration over a public charge rule that expands the government's ability to deny green cards to people based on their use of public services like food stamps. carley: what is the latest? >> reporter: the announcement on monday says the new green card rule would help people migrating to the us. >> donald trump's public charge inadmissibility will better ensures that immigrants are able to successfully support themselves as they seek opportunity here in america. >> reporter: not everyone sees it that way. the 13 states and two california counties now suing to stop the rule in its tracks. the rule relies on a concept called public charge to deny green cards to immigrants who rely on public assistance.
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the lawsuit claims it violates federal immigration law. 2020 candidate in washington governor jay inslee supporting this lawsuit say washington will always be a state that stands with immigrants with no action by the trump administration through deeds or words to change that. i support this action by the attorney general to stand against the devastating impacts of this the now phobic policy. this as immigration officials said donald trump's policies are working to decrease the number of illegal border crossings from 130,000 in may to as low as 82,000 in july. >> it is a result of the president's interaction with mexico. we are getting more cooperation from them than we ever had in this area. >> an injunction this lawsuit, new rule could go into effect as soon as october 15th. carley: tonight donald trump heads to new hampshire for keep
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america great rally. some supporters in line for the event at southern new hampshire university. rob: camped out right there. it holds up to 11,000 people and police expect a full house. a fox news alert the fbi is on scene in philadelphia after that hours long gun battle that injured several police officers. the suspect firing hundreds of rounds of ammunition and was taken into custody overnight. what are police doing right in these situations? of former nypd officer weighs in on that. carley: the illegal immigrant accused of murdering molly tibbetts could be let off. a judge may have to throw out his confession.
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>> shots fired.
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long gun. >> listen to that. >> overnight in handcuffs. following an 8 hour standoff. >> getting trapped inside. and former nypd officer and author of prepared, not scared, go to guy for staying space, we talked about the incredible work in this situation. talk about a tough situation. >> it can happen anytime anywhere. when these cops left their homes yesterday morning saying goodbye to their families.
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carley: one of the things we always say is police officers put their uniforms on in the morning and don't know if they will come home at night. it is a thankless job. this video of police officers saving lives in philly, getting heckles and somebody throws something at his head and another video that happens in new york city. police officers making an arrest, throwing chinese food at them. clearly an uptick in violence against officers. >> we were always taught when you are in trouble look for a cop. the cop is there to help you. it is called to protect and serve. that is a trend in our culture where it is invoked, when things go viral to hurt a cop. it started with a bucket of water, elevating food and the elevation can meet the bullet and it is a miracle in the
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training of these officers in philadelphia starting with the ones in uniform on the scene in my opinion that kept their brother and sister officers alive as well as all the people in that area. >> a couple seconds ago, they are trying to do their job. that level of disrespect, that is a dangerous thing. we have to wrangle this back to the point where people respect the police again. a lot of people don't have that respect and that is scary. >> you bring up a salient point because what is the alternative? cop gets the same paycheck if it goes up or down. as a police officer police officers run into the fray, they don't run away. if you don't want a police officer there what is your alternative? >> let's talk about the situation we have been talking about all morning, the initial call came in at 4:30 eastern
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time. all hands on deck situation. when the police department gets a call what steps do they take to make sure they can isolate the situation and maintain it as best they can? >> in new york it is called the 1013, you rushed to the scene. the officers in uniform are there to try the best they can to maintain the situation and then you have the strategic response teams and all first responders. >> everybody goes in. is there a protocol to secure everybody in the -- they didn't know he was in there or didn't
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know? could they have missed something? >> is it one assailant, is it terrorism, crime, gang related to gathering all the information on the spot so it is tough to make a. but you hear those shots and go to that regardless. >> what punishment will this guy be facing? >> he should never see another day in public again because it was the grace of god and professionalism that saved those folks. >> they are out of the hospital. >> 19 after the hour, wall street, the dow dropping 15 points.
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rob: foxbusiness alert, us markets open in a few hours after a volatile day on wall street. [bell ringing] rob: that was probably the highlight of the day, the president blaming the fed during the worst trading day of the year. jillian: tracy carrasco joins us as fears of recession a gripping wall street. what do you think is going to happen today? >> reporter: the dow is down 400 points. before dropping 800 points on
2:24 am
the day, 3%, donald trump went after the chairman of the federal reserve, raised to much and too fast, now too close to cut, spread too much as other countries say thank you to clueless jay powell and the federal reserve, germany and others are playing the game, crazy inverted yield curve. we should easily be reaping big rewards and gains but the fed is holding us back. the inverted yield curve refers to a point where short-term investments in government bonds pay more than long-term investments which is typically seen as an indicator of a recession. those fears being blamed for the massive selloff on wall street but white
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>> reporter: asian markets mixed on the us market tumbling yesterday. we will be how wall street rebounds today, typically august is a slow month but not in this case. carley: the illegal immigrant accused of murdering molly tibbetts once a hearing the late. consenting to the iowa killing but his lawyers say his confession should be thrown out. he was not read his miranda rights. they want more time to go over the complex nature of the case. rob: 500 google employees demand they stop working with customs and border patrol, and a petition asking google not to bid on cloud computing technology for cvp. the workers say they refused to be complicit in family separation and child detain meant.
2:26 am
and hours long standoff in philadelphia is over, the suspect in custody after six officers are shot. we are live on the ground next. >> throughout the country. jillian: anti-ice protesters caught on camera threatening children and families of ice agents and other employees as well, just one day before a second targeted attack on an ice facility. is this the piece the left is lecturing us about, a lot to say about that. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone
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philadelphia walking out of the hospital in handcuffs. rob: surrendering after eight hours overnight, at least six police officers hurts trying to make that arrest. carley: jillian joins us with more on the suspect's identity. jillian: that suspect did walk out of temple university hospital in the last hour. we went to take you to new video in the last hour, identified as maurice hill walking out of the house where this happened with hand in the air as he surrendered. he is identified as maurice hill by an attorney who had a previous relationship with him, he knew him, his attorney says he worked with him on previous cases, this attorney was part of the 4 person negotiation team to get this alleged suspect to surrender. moment before he surrendered
2:31 am
police fired tear gas into this home, a combination of negotiations and teargas, that led this person to surrender. you see the teargas shortly before midnight. police gave him until 11:45 to come out of the house. the attorney was able to help with negotiations. >> couldn't get to the door. and the police vehicle outside. and on the scene the way he wasn't. >> reporter: that was a 4 person team trying to negotiate to get him to surrender. narcotics officers were serving a warrant in the man in the house started firing. that is what police tell us. 6 officers were shot, when the grays went to the head, 2
2:32 am
officers and 3 people assigned from the alleged gunman were inside the home for 5 hours yesterday as this was playing out, they were barricaded as the gunman continue to fire throughout the day. everyone was brought out of the house unharmed later thanks to good tactical work by police. listen to philadelphia police commissioner ross. >> in such a confined space, we didn't have more of a tragedy than we did. we are thankful that they were able to get out and we got other folks out, prisoners that were in their. >> reporter: as i mentioned there were six police officers in total who were shot during this event but the good news is as we look at video of one of the officers coming out of the hospital as fellow officers salute him the good news is all of those officers are going to survive. they are all at home working up with their family, they were
2:33 am
released from the hospital. that is a sigh of relief for so many people in philadelphia. i have to tell you so many people in this neighborhood walked by and said this is nothing new. we are in north philadelphia, there are drugs, there is violence. you know i am from this area. i have covered this for years, i covered two police officer shootings. we could be having a different conversation but everybody's thankful. that is a miracle there was no loss of life here on the streets of philadelphia. carley: protesters threatening the families of ice workers in florida. >> throughout the country. >> we are not actually -- rob: listen to this.
2:34 am
ice says political rhetoric is to blame for this attack, the same dialogue many say the president uses to incite violence. carley: joining us as the deputy assistant secretary of energy for international affairs during the bush administration. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. an interesting question. these protesters argue everybody should be treated fairly and with respect but at the same time they are threatening the families of these employees so what do you make of that? >> you said it perfectly in the intro, you talked about the peace and love the left are always lecturing americans about. keep in mind these protests are carefully targeted. they are not random events. they are carefully targeted, the targets are carefully chosen,
2:35 am
they are well-funded and part of an overall strategy. look at the group they are targeting, the geo group, or geo group, federal contractors supporting ice and they provide infrastructure support to ice, the space where detainees are housed, ill aliens who cross the border illegally our house and provide storage space for the food. if they can scare away these employees and attack the infrastructure supporting ice they can say look, there's a systemic failure here. the same thing nancy pelosi and chuck schumer did when they capped the number of beds in the housing facilities, the detention facilities. they were trying to create chaos, they could then say it is chaotic. rob: the contractors for ice put out a statement saying these are
2:36 am
politically motivated attacks, the fact the services we provide in our facilities are no different from high-quality professional services we provided for eight years under president obama's administration so where was the outrage then? that is a really good point. this organization existed, ice existed doing the same work under obama and nobody said anything. >> they are not just attacking the employees of geo or the staff of ice but the detainees themselves. they are trying to sensationalize the suffering of human beings who have been lured here, encouraged to come here for the promise of a better life and been encouraged to cross the border illegally and promised free healthcare. the democrat candidates running for president in 2020 have free healthcare for immigrants who cross the border at the expense
2:37 am
of a laid off mill worker in pennsylvania and they are doing it because they want to import new voters because they cannot win national elections with the voters they have. democrats are tired of trying to please american voters. carley: there have been four anti-ice incidents that have taken place in the past month. are you concerned that this could get violence and we could see a fatality occur? >> very concerned. when you have people calling out the home address of people in the school their children attend, the address of the church they attend with their family, they know what kind of dog food their dog eats, talking about hard-core surveillance, we know where you sleep at night and they are calling out these addresses in public as if hoping
2:38 am
some crazy will come and attack these people. it is clear it is like james hutchinson, the crazy guy that listen to bernie sanders and elizabeth for a couple years ago tried to assassinate a dozen republican congressman in philadelphia. rob: really insane and scary, thank you so much. rob: lawmakers playing the blame and name game as they push for gun reform. >> moscow mitch says that he is the grim reaper. imagine describing yourself is the grim reaper. we have news for him. all this legislation is alive and well in the general public. rob: nancy pelosi blaming mitch mcconnell for blocking
2:39 am
democratic gun safety measures. a new fox news polls show 67% of americans support banning what have been called assault rifles and semi automatic weapons. jillian: the founder of barstool sports hitting back against the comment from alexandria ocasio cortez. the socialist criticized him after he tweeted antiunion messages aimed at barstool employees, quote, she must not know what his site is about. >> the people think about each other are idiots. we are a comedy site. pretty clear about that. carley: unionizing is not an issue, he has challenged aoc to a debate. will she keep them up on it? absolutely not. rob: janice is here to talk about the weather. >> sunshine across the us would be lovely and if i could make that happen i would but we are going to see potential for
2:40 am
scattered storms across the usual places we have seen over the last few days across the high plains and the southeast. we have a severe thunderstorm watch, warning in effect for parts of the rockies. there is our severe threat across the high plains into the central plains across the southeast, mid atlantic and the northeast and ohio river valley. could see large hail, isolated tornadoes, large hail out of colorado and the potential today. we could see heavy rain across these areas especially the southeast, parts of florida and the gulf coast and it is hard over the southeast in california where we have heat advisories and dangerous heat yet again, over 100 ° 13 in phoenix and the next couple days. nice to see you.
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rob: 40 minutes after the hour, first they were viciously attacked and doused in water. a bucket thrown to the head, new york city police officer being pelted with containers of chinese food. the latest on this attack on the badge in the bronx. >> the iowa state fair, abby is live with all the sights and sounds. what he will hear from her next. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. dry mouth can cause increased cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. i like to recommend biotene. biotene has a full array of products that replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. it makes patients so much happier.
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2:45 am
jillian: jayzee defending his partnership with the nfl. during a news conference with commissioner roger goodell the proper said he was ready to move past kneeling into action. >> the kneeling was not about a job but about injustice. to bring attention to injustice. how are you going forward? this wasn't about him having a job. that became part of the discussion. he was kneeling to bring attention to injustice. carley: the deal raise some eyebrows because eight months ago there were reports that jayzee was boycotting the super bowl halftime show in support of colin kaepernick. that is interesting. the iowa state fair in full swing with more than 1 million people expected to attend the annual event.
2:46 am
rob: fox nation, a firsthand look and joins us live from the iowa state fair. >> reporter: i am not going to lie. i was a little jealous, and wisconsin state fair, i saw you try the food and you make it look delicious. i had to try some too at the iowa state fair, had to find out why. take a look. what is your favorite part of the fair? >> the food. >> reporter: what do you have here? >> corndogs. >> it is fried with bacon on top. bacon on the inside. >> i think so. >> if i am beginning what should i expect? >> greatness. >> i'm sold. we will see how it goes. let's take a look.
2:47 am
double bacon and is it fried? >> it is fried. i don't think i have ever been so excited in my entire life. really fried. this looks so good. could you tell me about this? >> fried mac & cheese with sour cream and bacon on top. >> reporter: sour cream and bacon on top. you can't go wrong. that is really good. it is so good. maybe one more bite. we could cheer. cheers to the best people in the country. the people were so incredible.
2:48 am
the mac & cheese i literally walked up the woman and said i got can i have your mac & cheese, she said of course, gave me half her mac & cheese. >> if it were me i wouldn't give you half. rob: the food budget too. thank you so much. dogs to get serious for one second, listen to this. dog dying from toxic algae. a man's legs amputated from flesh eating bacteria. a number of scary incidents up and down the east coast. is it safe to swim in the water? we are asking a medical expert next. carley: a crook who needs to be pacified. we will explain. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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rob: deadly toxic algae and flesh eating bacteria spreading of the east coast. three dog died in north carolina and in connecticut a man had his leg amputated. what is going on and should we be concerned? here to weigh in his infectious disease specialist, thank you for being with us today. it is summertime. everyone wants to go in the water but should we look for this? >> you have to remember when you see these headlines they are very rare occurrences, no risk to the average person. these are exceptional circumstances the grab headlines and scare a lot of people that they are not a major threat. carley: we heard about blue-green algae that killed
2:53 am
these three dogs. two people had three dogs, they went into the water and all three ended up dying within hours of each other and the vet said it is because the lake they were swimming and had blue-green algae so what is that? how do we avoid that? >> it is a type of bacteria, very important in the history of the earth, makes the oxygen in the atmosphere. sometimes they can produce toxins and dogs and animals may not be put off by the smell of algae and the toxins can cause problems in the animals. it doesn't affect humans, humans drinking all that water when they are swimming most of the times, or a warning. >> people with pets at home should they stick to swimming pools for the time being or are you saying it is okay for animals to go into water in most cases? >> in most cases it is fine. they should refrain from having animals and there. carley: in connecticut a man was swimming in a body of water and
2:54 am
had his leg amputated because of flesh eating bacteria. that is because he had a cut on his leg at the time. >> water isn't sterile. there is lots of bacteria. we going water a lot of times and certain people have medical conditions, liver disease, that can get certain bacteria in salt water. a minor cut can cause a devastating infection. looks like that is what happened in connecticut. carley: this toxic algae, itching, headache, abdominal pain. should you go to the doctor immediately? >> it is going to require you to see the doctor, any medical conditions, this reserve to deal with those, i would see a doctor. if you ingested that water or had any difficulty doing your daily living i would see a doctor. >> your advice is still swim. we will be right back. so any plans for this weekend? of course he's got plans.
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carley: under changes, participants cannot refer patients for abortions. planned parenthood has sued and will only take part in title 10 if the court blocks the new changes from taking effect a pro-abortion group is giving away free gas for abortions. the launch of a pilot
2:59 am
program getting prepaid gas cards for women who need to travel greater distances. the move comes in response to more restrictive abortion laws in some states forcing people to drive to other states to get their abortion. carley: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, the police officers answer a call for a game of basketball. >> oh. >> never stop. >> shoot it backwards? >> shoot it backwards. carley: officer geraldo rivera are a was challenged to play while on patrol in new york. the kids were talking trash and the rest is history. rob: good shot. this crook needs to be pacified. on the lookout for a man wearing a baby onesie on his head. he is accused of robbing a 7-eleven in virginia. carley: that is so creepy. >> pumpkin spice spam.
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only available to buy online mark your calendars, it goes on sale september 23rd at that's the only thing i haven't eaten. i try everything once. ♪ >> keep your hands up. keep your hands up. steve: yep. straight to a fox news alert. that suspect in the philadelphia police standoff surrendering after 8 hours, as you can see, that happened in the last couple hours. ainsley: that man walking out of the hospital in handcuffs just a few hours ago accused of shooting six police officers. >> "fox & friends first" co-host jillian mele joins us live down the street with more on how that all unfolded. jillian, good morning. jillian: that's right, good morning. we are about a block away from where this unfolded. the roads all behind me still blocked off. the fbi on


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